Transportation of goods, parcels and consignments

1pc Maximum weight 50 kg shipment is (100kg - requires your assistance in loading and unloading).Maximum

shipment dimensions must not exceed 4x1, 8x1, 8m.

weight ratio: the volume should not exceed 1:5 (example: water ratio is 1:1).

Example: If a shipment volume of about 5 liters must weigh at least one kilogram. This restriction prevents sending very large but light items.

value of shipments can not exceed 3000 EUR .

consignment must be manipulated by one person (with the exception that ensures assistance with loading and unloading).All

carefully packed in cardboard boxes or other suitable package to avoid damage during shipping.

package should provide adequate protection for the things stored there. Inadequately packed shipments will be excluded from carriage or any damage will be paid by the sender not the carrier.

box shall be clearly and legibly written address of the sender and recipient.

What do not carry?

Cigarettes, alcohol, explosives, weapons, narcotics and psychotropic substances, flammable liquids with a low flash point, poisons, radioactive materials, corrosives, gases and liquids in pressure vessels, etc., precious stones, precious metals, perishable goods. for the content of the box is always responsible dispatcher !